Generate chatbot intents in under 30 seconds

Use the power of AI to automatically create FAQs, intents,
and training phrases for your existing chatbots.

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It takes months to
create chatbot intents

Pulling data from different sources take a lot of time and effort only to have issues.


Using Frequentli, generate intents in 30 seconds

With the power of AI, we can now delegate the task of intent generation
by simply uploading relevant resources

Main Features

Packed with features.


Invite people from across the organization to collectively gather data and quickly create and manage intents.

Sub-Link Extractor

Frequentli recognizes all sublinks of webpages on your website automatically and feed it into the intent generator.

Phrase Generator

After the Frequentli generate intents, it can be expanded even further to create keywords and phrases related to the generated intents.


Export your chatbot intents in CSV format and feed it into your chatbot builder.


"Our company used to have trouble gathering all documentations and resources to build intents from different teams but now I just can invite relevant people to the Frequentli platform where they can upload them. "

Jiwoong Kim
CEO, Makebot AI
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Unlimited sublinks, intents, and FAQs

Enterprise-grade security

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